Larpwriter Summer School Talks

I was part of the Larpwriter Summer School in two talks and a improv excercise, here are the slides from those two talks:

Location Talk

The talk is on spatial planning and scenography in larps. Done my me and Mads Havshøj, this is an updated version of the one we held at Solmukohta.


This is the handouts we gave to the participants, with the structure of the process we suggest they use when considering the physical aspects of a game.

Bleed-in fader talk

This is the tenth in a series of “fader talks” that deal with the various settings you can adjust in your game. I talk about the advantages and dangers of how much you include the players personal experiences and emotions in the game, versus playing a clearly differentiated character.

I’ll have more on the summer school itself in a later post, until then you can just be confused by these slides.