The Knudepunkt Book Drinking Game!

Are you alone on new years eve or do you just hate yourself in general? Let me worsen your woes with this:


This is a Nordic Style drinking game, therefore best done alone and with hard spirits, possibly in a sauna.

You’ll need: A copy of a KP book, any will do. A crate of booze and cold, wintery darkness.

The rules

Take a hearty quaff every time…

… someone namedrops a “famous” larper.

… the author references one of their own previous works.

… someone references a source instead of actually explaining.

… you need to read a footnote to understand the main text.

… you get lost halfway through a sentence.

… someone brings in a new inexplicable word.

… someone writes eläytyminen instead of immersion.

… the subtitle of an article is ten or more words.

… someone gets hung up on the word “game”.

… you’ve already tried what they think is new. Double if it failed.

… someone claims other people are playing wrong.

… someone criticises a previous article.

… someone tries to put roleplay into discrete categories.

… the author proclaims a glorious future for larp.

… you have no idea how any of this relates to actual larping, finish the bottle or fall asleep, finally.

Drinking should be accompanied by the national toast of whatever country the author is from. Hint: It’s most likely “Kippis!”

Can also be played by more than one player, but then we’re into American Jerkform instead.

Thanks to Klaus Meier Olsen, Peter Lind and especially Frida Karlsson Lindgren for adding rules. 

One thought on “The Knudepunkt Book Drinking Game!

  1. I’d say have an ambulance on stand-by if you plan to make it past the first ten pages…

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