Return of the Norper

This blog has been silent since january, since I’ve enforced a strict no-norp policy while working out my thesis project. And except for Fastaval I’ve stayed clean, no disctractions (except for one Nordic Larp Wiki Edit-a-thon and a lot of Minecraft). The project is now almost done and in two weeks time I will return, this time with a fancy degree in landscape architecture.

July is going to be Baltic month: I’ll be returning to Ltihuania and the Larpwriter Summer School as an expert, to impart wisdom upon a new batch of hopeful larpmakers. And I’m going to Ropecon in Helsingfors to experience finnish fandom at it’s fullest. Hopefully that will kickstart the norp-processing centres of my brain and get new stuff flowing.

And of course I will have to continue my self-inflicted torture of reading all the knutebooks, I’m halfway through 2004 and hope to share it soon. I know a lot of you have been enjoying the series and I will of course try my best to keep you happy.

I also have a couple of blogposts written already, those will also come out soon after my ascension to professional existence. One is a critique of workshopping characters that I’ve been teasing a bit with. Another is a review of not going to Knutepunkt and I also have some thoughts on how I de-immerse myself after a larp.


See you again on the other side!