Crossing borders

I’m currently on a major trip to fuse norp with the performing arts. I’m working with and learning from theatre, performance and dance people.

There’s quite a strong movement towards larp as well, except a lot of the people on the arts’ side aren’t aware of us norpers just yet. They’re working with participatory culture, immersive, interactive performance projects and putting the focus on the experience inside the audience members, rather than on external expression. It’s all terribly exciting.

Norp has always embraced the more abstract artistic, experimental angles. Blackbox CPH has put norp into the theatric space and several of the games are a lot less about straight up simulation and drama, the best current example is probably White Death, which relies almost entirely on movement as interaction.

Currently I’m involved with a performance project in London, by the inimitable Adam James, that works with norp and dancers. It’s way fun and great to see our techniques and praxis challenged by the other artforms.

Next week I’ll be off to see if my own absurdist theatre larp works in the Czech Republic as well.

All this playing with art is terribly exciting to be part of, ideas flying back and forth, the divide growing smaller. I’m grabbing at all the arts people I can, seeking all the projects I can help along. I want to expand what norp can be and invite others to see what we are doing and could do.

And when you get down to actually doing projects together, all the pretentious posturing and theory goes out the window and fun remains behind. This is where play and fun is strongest.

And I would like to hear if there are others out there who are doing things I should know about? People I should talk to?no