Moving Bodies And Larp

So we’re doing this thing. It’s a ball of wibbly-wobbly movey-performey… larp. It has grown naturally from a group of blown minds and we wish to infect more people with our ideas.

The main question after the performance in London, when Adam James, Nina Runa Essendrop and I sat down for a well-deserved sunday roast at the local pub, was: “HOW DO WE GET TO DO MORE OF THIS!?”

By “this” we mean movement-based larping and playing in the fertile grounds between norp and the performing arts. It’s not a specific thing, but a common area of interesting potentials. And fun, most importantly playing around and having fun exploring what we can do with differerent approaches and perspectives. We’re not going to be writing manifestos and creating groups larpwrights, but try for an open collaborative discourse.

We want to facilitate others being clever and creative, invite everyone to participate in building something on the borderlands of what we do, that might lead to new and interesting games. To frame this we’ve started a facebook group for anyone who finds any of the keywords “larp, movement, physicality, performance and art” interesting in the slightest. It’s called Moving Bodies And Larp, because that is what it is about at the most basic level and it’s open to anyone who wants in.

We’re starting off by using it to coordinate the track we’ve inflicted on the Knutepunkt in Sweden this spring on exactly movement and physicality in larp. We’re out for those of you who have programme item ideas to join us and be part of creating a space for exploring the potentials of this sort of play. The more the merrier!

We’ll also unleash other projects and events through the group and if you have your own, please don’t hesitate to bring it to our attention! We want to hear about everything that might possibly be related to having fun with moving bodies and larp.


Special thanks to Petter Karlsson for being a random encounter at exactly the right time and being a kitchen-table social-media guru.

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