Playground Magazine available online

I was a happy subscriber of Playground Magazine from the start, it’s magazine that took larp seriously in a playful manner, but ultimately suffered the fate of so many wonderful, but narrow-topic ‘zines and faded out. Now you can read them online for free, buy them print-on-demand and download if you are clever.

The articles vary a lot in focus and writing style, but cover a lot of different facets of larp and neighbouring phenomenon. And it does in beautiful style. The layout and editing are very strong elements that make it a very approacable publication, full of pictures and funky graphics.

Some of the magazine-elements aren’t really relevant after a while, but the large majority of the content is still relevant and interesting to read for newcomers. Quite a few of the articles are not on larp per se, but look at cultures and phenomenon that have elements in common with larp, such as pick-up artists, bdsm and gamification. Other parts are introductions to larp cultures outside the nordic imperium or discussions of controversial elements in larp. It can feel a bit like forced sensationalism at times, but it does manage to have an enthusiasm about larp that I often find lacking in publications. And I love that it covers such a wide range of topics with larp as the common thread. It puts our hobby in very interesting company, that’s for sure.


If you didn’t subscribe, this is your chance to catch up!

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