The Rambling Thoughts of a Knudepunkt Participant

Back again in real life. Sort of, anyway. Here’s a couple of snapshots from the past week or so .


Blackbox Horsens was a fantastic chance to play. So many games, perfect venue and lovely people to warm up for KP. Got to play several games I’ve had on my radar for a long time: Huntsville, The Boy and the Milk, A Mother’s Heart and the new game, Solvang.

2015-02-07 16.33.35

I had to work during A Week, but I had two of the best people in the world staying with me for a bit. One of the drawbacks of international larping, is that we only get to meet each other when we’re pretending to be someone else. So make sure to have facetime without characters once in a while!

The Nordic Larp talks were fantastic, as usual I did my once-a-year appearance on twitter, because it is so much fun to throw hashtags with the twitterati. I look forward to watching them again, but with some time to properly digest. Especially the russian theory seems fruitful! And Eleanor, who always mindblows.

2015-02-12 10.23.16

We drove early to set up the check-in before the crazy rush of attendees. Hundreds of people storming at us, eager to be part of KP. Wonderful fun, tons of hand-shaking and mispronouncing names.

2015-02-12 16.42.28

I really loved the campus-feel of this year’s venue. It felt a lot more relaxed and open than usual. There was space to get away from the crazy and enough comfy places to have the clever conversations in the Hallway track.

2015-02-13 13.39.37

I did a keynote talk with Josefin Westborg! Despite it being first thing in the morning og saturday there was a great turnout. We followed after Eirik Fatland and Tor Ketil Edland, so we didn’t try to impress anyone and just went for the basics.
More on it here!

2015-02-12 20.23.12

I also tried out the co-creation and managed to get some really sexily useful ideas out of the participants in our Character Playshop. Read about it here:
I’ll probably expand on this, take it to the Nordic Larp Wiki or similar.

2015-02-14 01.28.22

The parties were nice. I got a lot drunker and funner than expected. Not a lot of sleep though. I loved that the room parties were away from actual rooms so you could enjoy them shamelessly and had more space.

2015-02-12 17.59.11

I got books! Not just the KP ones, but a couple more. The Russian-Nordic Larp Dialogues by Alexy Fedoseev and a lovely copy of Pandora’s Promise from Lizzie Stark. I ran out of money before I could grab David Simkins’ The Arts of Larp, but I will catch up on that with an internets. Did I miss any other delicious new ones?

2015-02-14 14.10.09

The best parts were of course the people! It was so glorious to see all of my favourite people at the convention, but especially delicious were all of the Larpwriter Summer School attendees and their magical energies and projects. I also didn’t realize how much I needed to see the other participants from Brudpris smiling and unoppressed.

And all the crazy rest of you of course!

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